Minor, Criminal Justice

The minor in criminal justice provides an introduction to the field of criminal justice and enables students to explore issues related to the nature and treatment of crime; the relationships among law, social order and social justice; and the application of Christian principles to such issues. 

Requirements:  21-22 credits of which 12 shall be numbered above 2999 

CRIM3550.  Criminology (3); or, CRIM3200.  Juvenile Justice (3) 
POLS1030.  The Foundations of Politics: The Quest for Peace and Justice (1)
POLS4420.  Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (3)
PSYC1250.  Psychology for Life (2); or, PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSYC3450.  Abnormal Psychology (3)
SOGY2430.  Social Problems in Modern Society (3)
SOGY3180.  Race, Class and Gender (3)

(3) credits in political science, psychology, or sociology numbered above 2999

Course Descriptions