Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Anthropology

The Cultural Anthropology major at NNU provides students with a broad theoretical framework and approaches in the study of society. Students will study humankind in groups and subgroups, cultures, the social lives of individuals and groups, and global social processes. Coursework includes the study of various sociological perspectives and frameworks, and includes courses in related social sciences (psychology, cultural studies).

Administrator: Chair, Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Graduates of this major will be able to conduct ethnographic and statistical research and understand research methods in cultural studies and sociology (Truth, Transformation). 
  2. Graduates of this major will be able to critically and thoughtfully analyze cultural issues from a variety of perspectives, and will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of ethnicity, cultural aspects of religion, gender, and class (Community, Truth). 
  3. Graduates of this major and general education students will be able to use a variety of information technologies to research topics in the literature of related fields (Community, Transformation). 
  4. Graduates of this major and general education students will be able to identify the major theoretical perspectives and contributors to the discipline (Community). 
  5. Graduates of this major and general education students will reflect critically on their own cultural values and traditions. Graduates will learn to compare and contrast their own cultures with those studied throughout the major program (Truth, Community). 
  6. Graduates of this major will develop intercultural competencies as they interact and collaborate with individuals of a culture different from their own (Transformation).

Requirements: 48 credits of which 24 shall be numbered above 2999: 39 core credits; 2 years of a modern foreign language (12-16 credits); and a cultural immersion experience for major students.

CLTA1550. Cultural Anthropology (3)
CLTA2030. Intercultural Communication (3)
CLTA2040. Introduction to Ethnography (3)
CLTA2250. Issues of Developing Nations I (3); or
   CLTA3250. Issues of Developing Nations II (3)
CLTA3180. Race, Class and Gender (3)
CLTA3340. Sociology of the Family (3)
CLTA3550. Sociology of Religion (3)
CLTA4720. History of Anthropological Theory (3)
CLTA3970. Junior Research (1)
CLTA4094. Topics (1-3) (1 required)
CLTA4970. Topics (1-4) (1 required)

Two years of a modern foreign language (same language) (12-16)

Nine credits in cultural studies, psychology, or sociology numbered above 2999 (9)

Cultural Immersion Experience for Major Students: Students majoring in Sociology who have not lived in a cross-cultural setting different from their own culture(s) are required to study in such a setting for an extended period of time. Examples of acceptable experiences are a college-level summer school session or academic-year program at an international school recognized by Northwest Nazarene University. Approved Off-Campus (OCAM prefix) courses or approved transfer courses from travel-study programs may be substituted for courses listed in the categories above.  Prior approval of a travel-study program must be obtained from the chair of the department. For more information about approved programs and university procedures for study abroad experiences, visit May fulfill a General Education Level IV Cross Cultural Experience if taken with CLST1004CCC Semester Abroad Intercultural Lab 4.