Neuroscience at NNU

The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Studies is proud to offer a new emphasis in neuroscience.  Students enrolled in this program would earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Neuroscience upon graduation.

What is Neuroscience/Neuropsychology?

Neuroscience, also referred to as neuropsychology, is a scientific discipline that bridges the fields of neurology and psychology and is one of the most exciting and fascinating areas of psychology today.

The field assesses the brain/ behavior relationship. A large emphasis is placed on understanding brain damage and diseased regions of the brain along with their effects on behavior and cognitive functioning. 

What are some career options?

Neuropsychologists works with people of all ages in a variety of fields. Responsibilities range from running scientific research labs, conducting clinical interviews and assessments, writing assessment reports, presenting the findings to patients, families, and healthcare providers, to providing rehabilitation services to patients with serious medical problems such as head trauma or spinal cord injuries. Many Neuropsychologists provide expert testimony in legal cases.

Should you decide to continue studying to earn a master's or doctorate degree, opportunities would include assisting in a research lab, testing patients, coordinating data, doing data analysis, making presentations and publishing.

As a Clinical Neuropsychologist Ph.D., you may be employed by a public, private or university hospital or medical group, a specific rehabilitation facility, a specialty hospital (perhaps one that treats children or one that treats patients with mental illnesses), or have a private practice. Although uncommon, some work for school districts and even nursing home facilities. In addition, one may be employed at a university as a professor and/or researcher. Research may also be  conducted at federal organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, or at a privately funded institute such as the Salk Institute. 

Neuroscience/neuropsychology emphasis catalog requirements.