Students majoring in sociology will study humankind in groups and subgroups, cultures, social lives and global social processes. Students learn about the role of culture in everyday life, comparing and contrasting other cultures with their own. This includes the study of ethnicity, social justice, immigration, gender and the social aspects of religion. The sociology program also provides work skills, including communication training and research methods. Sociology prepares students for a variety of exciting professional settings relating to culture and intercultural relations.

NNU's sociology program emphasizes:

  • Culture in everyday life 
  • Differing cultural perspectives 
  • Study abroad 
  • Varied social science research methods
  • Solutions to real-world problems
  • Contrasting theories of culture
  • Socio-cultural research
  • Sociology coursework

Our graduates:

  • Pursue master's and Ph.D. degrees in cultural studies, sociology, Latin American studies and cultural anthropology
  • Work in the Peace Corps and other non-profit organizations
  • Work for international, non-governmental aid organizations
  • Serve in missions
  • Work as museum curators and film makers